The kick

So this is the first tutorial... this is the type of stuff I'm going to be posting, so if you like it, just follow me and my work and wait for more with better quality every time.
You can also listen the demo loop I made for this tutorial:
Let's start the tutorial, I'm going to do it with ableton live, but ALL the stuff I'm going to do can be done with almost every DAW, so you don't have an excuse (x
Well first, download the samples I use on the tutorial from HERE :)
Or you can use your own samples, just make shure it has the same tipe of stuff (similar attack, similar low end, etc)
So open up your DAW and start a new project:

Then, import the samples directly on the playlist (Arrangement view in ableton)
(This is cause I prefer doing it directly with the audio, you'll se why later)

Then you have to move the first kick JUUUUST a little to the right, it will give a very special effect to the kick, it's a trick very used in claps and snares, but I realized It give a very good sounding effect to my kicks and almost any sound in the drums.

Then also apply an EQ to the first kick, so here are the parameters (There are two eq, but it's only one, and each one is a diferent band, just for showing you the exact parameters)

And an EQ to the second kick (Same as the first, here are the parameters)

Aaaand for the third (In this case, just one band)

Now show the fades of every channel (If you don't have it go to Options/Preferences/Record Warp Launch/ and turn on the "Create Fades on Clip Edges", By deafault is on.)

And copy the automation on it, just like the one in the photo:

Look carefully at the start of the samples, on the second image is in bigger size, so you could se better, for copying it, use the names of the samples as guides. Getting ride of the attack of that samples gives the kick something I call "Thump" (Cause I don't have a Better name xD and it sounds like that xD) effect that I like, more for dubstep or drum and Bass .

So it's almost ready, only one thing to go, group the three tracks (Select them and right click and select  "Group Tracks" ) and insert an instance of the EQ Eight, this is hard to explain so I also take caps of every band of the Eq for you to copie them, here they're

And that's it! as you can see, it's not so easy to make a good kickdrum, but once you learn, you can get very very good results.
Also you can bounce it to audio, so you don't have to copy over and over the 3 samples.
Hope you liked the tutorial and thanks for reading.

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